Other Willow

Dream catcher
This is a classroom workshop. We provide the materials and work with the children to make magical dream catchers that can either be taken home or hung in the classroom or willow.

On its own or nestled in an arbour a willow seat is a comfortable addition to your garden. It can be a solitary chair or a large and robust bench in a bustling playground. The seat is usually topped with turf. If you prefer an aromatic seat, then thyme or chamomile can be used instead.

Wishing tree
Willow was considered so magical that priests sat among willow to gain eloquence and inspiration. To make your own wishing tree, three or more willow rods are plaited together. The foliage will then sprout from the top, making a little tree which can be planted in a pot or in the ground. For a wish to be granted, ask permission of the willow explaining your desire. It is fun to invent your own ritual, such as tying your wish onto the tree or representing each wish with a star hung from a branch.

Designing the adornments for the trees is a great project for children. We have seen drawings, collages, kites, poems, writings and ribbons used. Tying them to, or weaving them into your tree makes it truly unique and very beautiful.

Download the Willow Brochure here.

Willow Brochure

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