Living Willow

What is Living Willow?
Living willow has, in its form and structure, an undeniable beauty and inner poetry. Planted as bare cuttings during the months of November through to March, you will see your unique design take shape to give form and focus to your space. By spring the willow is in bud and by the summer it will be bursting into leaf and full of intrigue, attracting a huge diversity of wildlife.Willow has been used throughout the centuries for both its medicinal properties and its creative versatility.

Here at The Plot we have taken this beauty and versatility to create magical living willow structures that give year round joy to children and adults alike. We have worked in schools and private homes transforming gardens, public spaces and playgrounds. Whether it is a willow tunnel, dome, wigwam, arch, maze or sculpture, each willow structure is carefully planned and designed in consultation with you to utilise how your space is used.

In an educational setting the willow can be a springboard for cross curricular activities incorporating art, craft, design, ecology, science and industrial processes.

Teachers and families have told us of the wonderful picnics, enchanted story telling and the million imaginative games that are played in, and inspired by their willow.

With a lifetime of up to 25 years, willow needs only a little attention to keep it at its full potential.

Download the Willow Brochure here.

Willow Brochure

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