Willow tunnels are always a huge draw for children. Tunnels can be part of the design of a wigwam or dome and can make the journey into your willow structure an adventure in itself. Your tunnel can vary in height to accommodate all age ranges, making it either a toddler exclusive retreat or an adult friendly ramble.

As a feature on its own a tunnel can transform an everyday pathway in your garden into a magical journey. We’ve found tunnels to be ever popular with schools and private gardens alike.

Fedges and Mazes
Fedges and Mazes are wonderful as they can be designed to any height, length or shape. Archways can be included as well as windows and seating areas.

This is the most versatile of all the willow projects. It can be easily designed to lead to a magical space ideal for outdoor storytelling and many exciting games.

In its simplest form a short fedge can act as a woven barrier adding height as well as year round interest to your space.

Download the Willow Brochure here.

Willow Brochure

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